Official Selection Boston International Film Festival 2010
Winner for Award of Merit “Feature Film” The Indie Fest 2010




“The rain starts falling down again… The sound of the rain gently weeps…”
Rei Morishita called “Rain” hears the rainy sound when she gets depressed. The cause of trauma is her father, Jiro who left home when she was a little girl without saying goodbye.
One day, she’s got a package for a woman which is deliverd to her address by mistakes. She calls a woman bamed Miwako, but she tells her that the package is belongs to her father and she wants her to deliver it to him.
Rain meets Mari who is her friend from childhood and Jun who is a cameraman. They knows the situation of her and decide to go with Rain but she actually is still wondering she wants to go or not. Then, they meets a man called, Marui by “literary” accident. Marui has trauma as his father killed someone.
Rain reach out to him and decide to go to see her father. When Rain knows the reason why he left and he wants to see her now but Rain said “Good Bye” to her father.
Still there’s something she doesn’t know… When unexpected truth revealed, the rain is falling down to her heart but gently, this time…