Driving Mad Harmony

Official Seletion Boston International Film Festival 2009
Official Selection West Hollywood International Film Festival 2009


Driving Mad Harmony


In the near future, global warming is an earthly crisis. High temperatures have driven people insane and the rate of suicide has increased dramatically. But there’s hope. ‘Eroica’ an invisible man, a hero, appears from nowhere forms a group called the ‘Grateful dead’, offering a sublime suicide where the victim can choose their death. A member of Grateful dead, Hasegawa and his colleague, Asai, are on their way to the ocean to assist with the suicide of an attractive lady, Mariko. Mariko is different, though. With the rumor of a spy in the ‘Grateful dead’ organization, Hasegawa grows suspicious of Mariko and her desire for a sublime suicide. Mixing every expectation each character has, their ‘mad’ drive has an epilogue with harmony for a beginning.